GTL Energy has successfully transformed samples of high moisture low value coals from around the world into low moisture high value premium fuels.  Results include removing up to 80% of the total moisture and increasing the thermal value by 50% to 70%, and 120% for Australian brown coal.  GTL Energy has also upgraded a coal and biomass blend.  A summary of the results (examples across multiple samples) are as follows:

Source of CoalReduction in MoistureIncrease in Thermal Energy
New Zealand Lignite 1 46%TM to 12.5%TM (73%) 5,500Btu to 9,500Btu (73%)
New Zealand Lignite 2 42.5%TM to 12.5%TM (70%) 6,500Btu to 10,000Btu (54%)
Indonesian Lignite 1 47%TM to 12.5%TM (73%) 6,300Btu to 10,300Btu (64%)
Indonesian Lignite 2 33%TM to 10.0%TM (70%) 8,250Btu to 11,000Btu (33%)
Indonesian Lignite 3 45%TM to 12.0%TM (73%) 6,300Btu to 9,900Btu (57%)
Texas Lignite 35%TM to 12.5%TM (64%) 5,500Btu to 9,200Btu (67%)
North Dakota Lignite 1 42.5%TM to 12.5%TM (71%) 6,000Btu to 9,200Btu (53%)
North Dakota Lignite 2 38%TM to 12.5%TM (67%) 6,600Btu to 9,400Btu (42%)
PRB Sub-bituminous 30%TM to 10%TM (67%) 8,600Btu to 10,800Btu (25%)
PRB & BioMass Blend 35%TM to 4%TM (89%) 7,200Btu to 10,050Btu (40%)
Australian Brown Coal 61%TM to 12.5%TM (80%) 4,700Btu to 10,350Btu (120%)

GTL Energy has recently blended hard wood biomass and Powder River Basin coal into strong briquettes at its pilot plant at Hazen.  This is potentially an exciting new product for use in regions such as the US and Europe that have mandated biomass consumption and will help coal users co-burn biomass and contribute to a reduction in CO2 and NOx.