GTL Energy modelling of pre-combustion removal of moisture will produce a more efficient fuel and may reduce emissions of CO2 and NOx by as much as 10% and approximately 25% respectively.

A pre-combustion technology, which removes moisture and consequently reduces the volume of CO2 to be captured, is a meaningful contribution to the goal of carbon sequestration.  Use of biomass as a blended coal product will deliver further opportunity to provide a cleaner burning product.

The steps to near zero emission from coal, as extracted and modified from the International Energy Agency 2008 Coal Industry Advisory Board Report, Clean Coal Technology, include:

The GTLE Process is an enabling technology

Coal Upgrading (eg GTLE) ~10% CO2 Savings

+ Efficiency Improvements ~20% CO2 Savings
+ Advanced Technologies (Gasification with CCS) ~40% CO2 Savings*
+ Post-combustion Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) or production of Hydrogen ~99% CO2 Savings

*The US Department of Energy (“DOE”) estimates that coal-gasification power processes could cut the formation of CO2 by 40% or more per unit of energy output compared to today’s conventional coal burning plant.

While the GTLE Process is an enabling technology for gasification, it is also a technology with immediate application, which we believe will improve power plant efficiency and in turn enable greater electricity production and reduce the carbon footprint per megawatt of energy produced.